I got COVID but not the virus

Last week I got a runny nose but didn't think much of it, maybe it was the winter weather or the hay from my kid's guinea pig cage. by the weekend I developed a slight cough and a slight headache. Monday morning, Martin Luther King Day, I took a sip of coffee and by my third sip realized I couldn't taste anything. I decided to further test myself so i sipped a spoonful of soy sauce and smelled an open jar of diced garlic…nothing.

I along with the whole family went to get tested and within 24 hours we found out I was positive but no one else was. I isolated from the family in terms of no longer giving my kids kisses at night, wearing a mask around them, and washing my hands if I touched my mouth or runny rose. It was a very mild experience on par with the normal flu. I had no chills or fever although for about 36 hours I did notice slight shortness of breath. Not hauling a couch up flights of stairs shortness, but more on par with being late for a meeting and running up a flight of stairs, just enough to make you notice at times.

I do have to admit that the fear-mongering of the media this past year got to me more than I thought. When I felt the shortness of breath come on I felt it getting worse, until I realized that it was the start of a panic attack (which I have had since the war) not medical complications of a disease. Once I realized this and did my breathing exercises and prayer the anxiety left and I felt fine. I have been very aware of this fear-mongering and programming, yet I still succumbed to it momentarily.


I got COVID but my family and I never got the virus. The real virus has been the panic, the depression, the isolation the religious dress that has swept this country and the world. The virus is believing that all that matters is the reduction of infection levels, that if it doesn't enter just ONE person's body this has all been worth it. It's not.

As much talk that has gone on in medical communities these past decades about “holistic approaches” to medicine, that not just the health of the body but the mind needs to be taken into account, it seems that's not the case. But why? COVID provided a fitting narrative, as do all “emergencies” to push forward agendas previously not possible. If you want to reform society into something completely new you have to destroy the bands that currently tie them together. In Bootcamp, a young man or woman is taken from their home and put in unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar sights & sounds. Their sleep is reduced so they can't think as well, they are screamed at and hit (or at least they were), they are broken down until they only do what they are told when they are told. You become a robot of sorts, broken down to base code that only operates with an if/then input level. You fall into this because not only is it what they want but it's easier to live at that level.

COVID is a way to break down society, you destroy local independent businesses and increase tightly controlled corporate institutions like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, and Ubereats. You create a fear that your fellow man is somehow a danger to you, they might carry an invisible enemy whos just waiting for you to get close enough or friendly enough to jump into your body exactly like demonic possession. You create a barrier through masks removing a massive part of communication, facial expressions so no one knows if you are smiling or frowning, disgusted or elated. You create xenophobic anger where non-masked people become your enemy, the sight of an “open for business” sign is akin to the white hood of KKK, the unmasked human face becomes a hate symbol.

You destroy whole towns economies, whole families livelihoods and shut down their traditional places to vent fear and anger, churches and synagogues. No longer can they commune with their brethren, share their pain, and be calmed, they must stay locked, alone in their rooms with the only “legal” outlets they can seek are alcohol and bad food choices, pushing them farther down the well of anxiety and depression.

We have let them make us believe that the only metric that matters is the prevention of infection. The massive increases in drug addiction, overdose, depression, and suicide are merely collateral damage in the face of stopping this invisible enemy. In fact, the real enemy is isolation and its manmade.

During this period my wife and I decided to make this as normal for our kids as possible. We went camping, hiking had birthday parties with other kids (the horror! we tempt the demon!), we had sleepovers and they went to other kids' houses. We only made them wear masks where we had to (store policies) and anywhere else they were mask free. They went to parks and slid down slides with random kids and we didn't imbibe them with a sense of dread by having to use purell every 15 seconds in our home. I was terrified of creating this childhood memory of fear for them, of distrust of fellow human beings. I am terrified of those children of parents who did the opposite.

I got COVID but I never caught the virus, neither will my children.



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